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william tecumseh sherman children

William Tecumseh Sherman, although not a career military commander before the war, would become one of "the most widely renowned of the Union’s military leaders next to U. S. Grant.” Sherman, one of eleven children, was born into a distinguished family. During the U.S. Civil War, General William Tecumseh Sherman was one … The family tree listed here should not be considered exhaustive or authoritative. 14 Amelia Sherman b: 1816 . She married William Tecumseh "Cump" Sherman in Washington, D.C., on May 1, 1850, in a ceremony attended by President Zachary Taylor and other political luminaries. He died of “camp fever” in October 1863. They had the following children. ... One of 11 children, Sherman was born to a … William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) was a Union general during the Civil War. The Shermans, who often lived apart even before the Civil War due to Sherman's military career, had eight children together, two of whom (Willie and Charles) died during the war. He played a crucial role in the victory over the Confederate States and … Thomas Ewing Sherman ... Philemon Tecumseh Sherman 1867 – 1941. 14 James Sherman b: 1814 . William Tecumseh Sherman Thorndike 1893 – 1958. Oftentimes the family trees listed as still in progress have derived from research into famous people who have a kinship to this person. William Tecumseh Sherman 1854 – 1863. 13 Charles R. Sherman b: Sept 26, 1788 d: June 24, 1829 +Mary Hoyt m: 1810 Norwalk, CT. 14 Mary Elizabeth Sherman b: 1812 . 14 Charles Taylor Sherman b: 1811 . Thomas was still a young woman in 1861 at the outbreak of the Civil War, which permanently erased privilege and comfort from her life. The Shermans’ oldest son, nine-year old Willy, was enrolled in the Minim department but took ill visiting his father at camp after the Battle of Vicksburg. 14 Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman b: Feb 08, 1820 d: Feb 14, 1891 William Tecumseh Sherman's early military career was a near disaster, having to be temporarily relieved of command. Children. Slave Auction Business in Atlanta, 1864. Credit: George N. Barnard via Wikimedia (Public Domain). William Tecumseh Sherman's "Mulatto Wife" ... She had ten children, only seven of whom survived past age five; her last child was born in 1875, when she was forty-one years old. The family tree for General William Tecumseh Sherman is still in the early stages of research. The Shermans had eight children, six of whom lived to adulthood: * Maria Ewing Sherman Fitch (Jan. 18, 1851-Nov. 22, 1913) * Mary Elizabeth Sherman (Mar. Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman sent his children to Notre Dame and St. Mary’s during the war, while his wife Ellen lived in South Bend. 14 Julia Ann Sherman b: 1818 .

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